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Paramount Industries specializes in new and used metal working machinery for all types of industrial applications. This site, and all our personalized services, address the needs of both buyers and sellers of used plant production equipment. Buyers worldwide can browse our hydraulic and mechanical press equipment listings, tube mills and tube form lines to plastic molding presses and industrial plant closing and liquidation items. You can arrange a direct purchase or post an offer with Paramount acting as your "buyers agent".  Foreign Language tools are available for browsing these pages. Over the last 42 years our clients have securely purchased used industrial production equipment and have these bargains shipped to USA cities, Canada, Mexico, India, Europe and South America. We welcome overseas purchasing customers needing an experienced USA industrial equipment buyers agent. View some samples of used industrial plant production equipment we have for immediate sale below.


Used DANLY 2000 ton eccentric geared Straight-Side press

2000 Ton Danly #SE4-2000-180-84 TFQ 4-Point Eccentric Geared Straight Side Press (our stock # 8096). See below link to detail page on this and other Danly stamping presses

Complete Automotive parts stamping plant being sold at liquidation prices, including 400 and 600 ton press lines and supporting tool shop equipment. The plant equipment sales include 14 press lines, 4 transfer presses, 4 blanking lines, 2 cut to length lines, 2 beautiful Schuler Hydraulic tryout presses and a complete die repair tool room. We can sell the buyers the scrap conveyors and the overhead cranes. See some sample specs below and Call 800-882-6165 and ask Ted Gillespie for prices.

Check back as we create separate profile pages for each Auto parts stamping Press lines and specifications for the multiple presses and material handling equipment and press controllers..

Used Weingarten/Krupp line 1000 ton metal stamping press line for immediate sale at liquidation prices

We are please to offer for immediate sale this used LVD Hydraulic 1800 ton Press with the below press specifications.
Please call Ted Gillespie at (800) 882-6165 for price and arrange on-site inspection appointment, or to get further press details.

LVD Hydraulic Press Specifications

Total Tonnage                                  1800 Tons

Inner Slide Tonnage                        1100 Tons

Blank Holder Tonnage                    700 Tons

Cushion Tonnage                             700 Tons

Slide Stroke                                       49.2 Inches

Blank Holder Stroke                        39.4 Inches

Cushion Stroke                                 15.7 Inches

Bolster                 L-R                        144

Bolster                 F-B                        84

Slide                      L-R                        121.5

Slide                      F-B                        66

Blank Holder       L-R                        144

Blank Holder       F-B                        84

Cushion                L-R                        133

Cushion                F-B                        74

LVD Hydraulic Press Specifications (part2)

Max SH slide-bolster                       78.7

Max SH Blank Holder-Bolster        63.0

Min. SH slide-bolster                       40.0

Min SH Blank Holder-Bolster         40.0

Slide Closing Speed In/min            1181

Slide Working Speed In/Min          167-70

Slide Return Sped In/Min                              1417

Installed Motor Power                   3@ 180 HP

Blank Holder Closing Speed In/Min            1181

Blank Holder Working Speed In/Min          106-30

Blank Holder Return Speed In/Min             1417

Installed Motor Power                   3@ 72HP

Cushion Return Speed In/Min                      453

Installed Motor Power                   122 HP

used LVD Hydraulic 1800 ton Press

Call 800- 882-6165


We are pleased to offer for immediate sale this used CLEARING stamping press with the below specifiations. Call Ted Gillespie at the above toll-free phone number to get press price and arrange an under power inspection at a Lousiville Ky plant location.

800 Ton USI Clearing Mode #l: S4-800-222-72

PRESS Specifications Capacity: 800 Ton
Bed Area: 220” x 72” and Stroke: 16”
Shut Height: 36” Over Bolster w/ 4″ Slide Plate
Adjustment: 10”
SPM: 10-20Windows: 80”

Equipped With: Air Clutch & Brake
Hydraulic Overloads
2 Rolling Bolster (Front to Back and Left to Right Movement)
HMS Transfer System, 1 Axis Servo, 2 Axis Mechanical
Wintriss Controls included... CLICK to enlarge Images


We are pleased to offer for immediate sale this USED 880 ton Niagara Press Model: S2-800-192-60 with the below specifications. We have 2 available. Call Ted Gillespie at the above toll free phone number for pricing on these stamping presses ( individual or together) and to arrange UNDER POWER INSPECTION. These will sell out soon as they've a very versatile manufacturing press.

Specifications on this 880 Ton Niagara Press

Model: S2-800-192-60 new in Year: 1995

Capacity: 880 Ton
Bed Area: 192” x 60”
Stroke: 22”
Shut Height: 48” Over Bolster
Adjustment: 18” SPM: 10-20
Windows: 72”Equipped With Air Clutch & Brake
Hydraulic Overloads and Hydraulic Tie Rods Nuts
Die Clamps plus ...  New Link Controls  
3 Rolling Bolster (Front to Back and Left to Right Movement)
HMS Transfer System, 1 Axis Servo, 2 Axis Mechanical


 880 Ton Niagara Press Model: S2-800-192-60


We are pleased to offer for immediate sale these German made KUKA 6 Axis CNC Robots with complete electronic controllers, which are to be sold in units of 6. Call Ted Gillespie at this toll free phone number 1-800-882-6165  for  programmable robots in individual or Robotic Arm group pricing. Click here for complete details on these Kuka German made programmable assembly line Robots in various models.

400 of the Kuka CNC programmable Robotic arms with all types of assembly line uses.

We have over 400 of the Kuka CNC programmable Robotic arms with all types of assembly line uses.

Each Kuka priogrammable Robot has matching CNC controls for all types of Robotic uses.

Click for  Quick look at Paramount machinery listings for 2007 New Listings

We are pleased to offer for immediate sale these 2 Used USI Clearing model B4-1000-180-102 Presses. These are 1000 ton under drive presses 180-96 with the below specifications. Both of these USI Clearing 1000 Ton Underdrive Press are located in Detroit Michigan for inspection under power. Call Ted Gillespie (800) 882-6165 for price
Model: B4-1000-180-102
Total Capacity: 1000 Tons
Bed Area: 180” X 102”
Stroke: 36”
Adjustment: 24” and Shut Height: 71”
Speed: 14 SPM

We are pleased to offer for immediate sale this used 500 ton Watson Stillman brand Up-Acting Hydraulic Press with the below specifications. Please Call Ted Gillespie (800) 882-6165 for price and to arrange press inspection prior to sale. Techmachiney can also quote you on shipping this 500 ton Watson Stillman  up-acting press, and other presses listed at www.Techmachinery.com, to major cities worldwide.
500 Ton Watson Stillman 
4-Post Up-Acting Hydraulic Press available for sale 
SPECS: 500 Ton 4-Post Up-Acting type press .....
Bed & Ram area: 78" lr x 42" fb Stroke: 20" Daylight: 44"

Used compression molding presses for sale from 400 to 4000 ton capacities  

5000 Ton Bliss 4 -Post Hydraulic Press (detail page)
SPECS : 5000 Ton bliss 4-post  hydraulic type
STROKE 48" ..... Daylight = 132"
Platen specs 84" x 204" with Bed size 84" x 100"  Between Posts 

We are pleased to offer for immediate sale this used 5000 Ton 4-Post Bliss Hydraulic Press For Sale. Please call Ted Gillespie for price and further 5000 ton Bliss 4 post press details.

Used compression molding presses for sale from 400 to 4000 ton capacities 23 Hydraulic Compression Molding Presses from 500 ton to 2500 ton for sale at liquidation prices. (Shelbyville Indiana auto parts plant liquidation sale)

Click on above Shelbyville Indiana auto parts plant stamping presses above to see photos of these bargain priced hydraulic press. See the below detail pages for some more current plant manufacturing mechanical and hydraulic presses available from Paramount Industries.

Used 1500 ton Klockner SMC injection molding press 1500 ton Klockner Plastic Injection Molding Press (like new)
Used 1300 to 450 ton mechanical USI Clearing press line for sale USI CLEARING 6-PRESS MECHANICAL PRESS LINE 1 x 1300-TON DOUBLE ACTION Press Plus 5 X 450-TON SINGLE ACTION Presses are part of this sale
Used Williams and White 1000 ton  hydraulic presses 1000 ton Williams and White Hydraulic Presses for sale
Used HRM 3500 ton 4POST hydraulic press for sale 2500 Ton HPM 4 POST Hydraulic Press -distressed sale price
Used 5000 ton 4 Post ERIE hydraulic press at liquidation price 5000 Ton Lake ERIE Triple Action Hydraulic Press
5000 ton used BLISS 4 post hydraulic press for sale 5000 Ton BLISS 4 POST Hydraulic Press at a liquidation price
5000 ton used BLISS 4 post hydraulic press for sale 660 ton PTC Straight Side Feed custom built press -special price
Used Savage 1500 ton traveling gantry straightnening press 1500 Ton SAVAGE Traveling Gantry Straightening Press
Used HRM 1500 ton 4 POST deep draw hydraulic press for sale 800 ton Danly straight side 4 point presses (5 ea)  for sale
Used AP&T 8000 ton hydroforming frame press in like new condition. 8000 Ton AP&T Hydroforming frame Press -like new
Used AP&T 8000 ton hydroforming frame press in like new condition. 2000 Ton HPM used Hydraulic Press at great price.
Used 1500 ton Klockner SMC injection molding press 650 ton PACIFIC 4 post hydraulic press in excellent condition

Newest listings of major brand parts stamping and forming hydraulic presses include the following:

Used AP&T 8000 ton hydroforming frame press in like new condition. 750 ton Hydraulic Gap Frame rare straightening press and all supporting press equipment
Used 1500 ton Klockner SMC injection molding press 2000 ton Lake Erie housing type hydraulic press
(video and photos)

Used 1500 ton Klockner SMC injection molding press 500 Ton Baldwin 6-Post Up-Acting Hydraulic Rubber Press

Used 1500 ton Klockner SMC injection molding press USED KOMATSU MODEL C2S-2000-3TR 2,000 TON STRAIGHT-SIDE TRANSFER PRESS

Used AP&T 8000 ton hydroforming frame press in like new condition. 500 Ton Columbia Hydraulic up acting hot oil plywood press

Used 1500 ton Klockner SMC injection molding press This 1963 1400 ton ERFURT eccentric straight side press is part of a complete forging press line offered for sale

Paramount Industries equipment brokerage specializes in mechanical and hydraulic presses of all tonnage for a variety of industrial parts manufacturing applications. We also carry plastic and composite molding production equipment to go along with the demand for various metal fabrication and stamping machinery items.



Excellent Condition / May be seen Under-Power

Located 19 miles North of Detroit, Michigan 
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Horizontal Acting PRESS for Composite molding production

190 oz Shot  Platen   97” x 72” overall

Bedsize   73.5” x 63” zoom images to enlarge 

1500_Ton_Klockner.JPG (60455 bytes) 1500_Ton_Klockner_(10).JPG (50621 bytes) 1500_Ton_Klockner_(11).JPG (71549 bytes) 1500_Ton_Klockner_(2).JPG (67559 bytes)

1500_Ton_Klockner_(3).JPG (58137 bytes) 1500_Ton_Klockner_(4).JPG (63253 bytes) 1500_Ton_Klockner_(6).JPG (82275 bytes) 1500_Ton_Klockner_(9).JPG (56098 bytes)


We are pleased to offer for immediate sale these (two identical) 1200 Ton Williams & White Hydraulic Presses with a 60x48 bed size and the below specifications which can be inspected in a Southern California plant under power and shipped worldwide....

Used 1979 1200 ton Williams and White 4 post hydraulic metal stamping press for sale Zoom Liquidation price on this used 1200 tion Williams and White hrdraulic press located in Southern California production plant


Specs on these 2 Williams and White Hydraulic presses: 1200 Ton Bed & Ram 60" x 48" stroke: 24" daylight:48"  Speed: 395 IPM rapid advance 47 IPM Trimming 425 IPM with fast return available in plant under power Southern California plant site. Installed new in 1979. Call Ted Gillespie (800) 882-6165 for price on one ... or special deal on both 1200 ton Williams & White presses.

Watch Video below or VIDEO link... https://youtu.be/rUFaVRvwy6Q to see press in operation.

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Sellers can list complete descriptions, pricing and photos on all varieties MBA members offer buyers of capital equipment lots of servicesof machinery and plant equipment on this site and get immediate buyer exposure. Paramount Industries and our MBA alliance members can out right purchase you used plant equipment or arrange an exclusive broker listing for a very reasonable commission fee. We attend and monitor live industrial liquidation sales and auctions nationwide and our listings here are just part of available inventory. Bookmark EquipBrokers.com for all your used machinery needs as buyers get access to pricing and available inventories from experienced and trusted machinery dealers worldwide. Phone# 800-882-6165

Unique opportunity to own 5 complete working Big 3 automotive industry presslines available due to stamping plant closing in Detroit Michigan.
Major Detroit automobile manufacture to liquidate an entire production stamping plant.

A major automobile manufacturer has contracted with Paramount Industries to liquidate all, or partial lots of one of their local Detroit production plants. Power-on inspections now taking place for 10 major presslines of varying capacities and all miscellaneous metal stamping equipment. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy well maintained working metal stamping presses for pennies on a dollar invested. Click here to see all this automotive plant liquidation listings, photos and spec sheets.

Used Grabill In compression molding presses from major manufactures at liquidation prices for sale Grabill Indiana Compression Molding plant liquidation sale on ERIE, French Oil, Hepburne and Williams & White compression molding presses ranging from 400 to 4450 ton capacities. Also HPM Injection Molding presses for immediate sale on same page.

Paramount offers fee based services ranging from expert appraisals, auctioneering, plant liquidations, retrofitting, transporting and onsite rigging through our industry alliance members. Machine Brokers Alliance (MBA) members will have access to post here their want to buy or sell machinery lists and streamline transactions and communications between resellers- brokers- manufacturers- and industry specialists.

800 ton Danly metal stamping pressline for sale. Paramount Industries is broker for this under power 5 unit Danly 800 ton pressline.

Paramount Industries is accepting offers on five 800 Ton Danly Straight Side 4-Point Presses which may be of interest to your company. All 5 presses in this production line are available and may be sold individually or as a complete press line. All presses are in working condition.

PTC 660 tonm straight side progressive feed press
Click here to view details on this 660 ton PTC Straight Side Feed custom built press

PTC Straight Side Press specifications:
660 Ton total capacity
Press type: Straight Side Eccentric Gear
2 Suspension points
STROKE = 18" Adjustment of RAM = 12"
SHUT Height over Bolster (SDAU) = 42"
Opening through Columns = 70"
Ram Face area = 144" x 60"
Bolster Size 144" x 60" x 9"
Speed = variable 15-45 SPM
Full Work energy at 15 SPM = 370 inch tons
Single stroking Speed = 15 SPM
Est weight of Press = 265,000 lbs
Main Motor size = 100HP

New offering: USED 2000 Ton Williams & White Hydraulic Press with 72" Stroke - 100" Daylite - 120" x 96" Platen and all controllers and safety equipment... call for liquidation price on this and other new plant production equipment we have available for immediate sale.

For sale used 600 Ton Danly mechanical press with T-slide and moving bolster
600 Ton Danly 4-Point Eccentric Geared
Press new in 1980 and model# SE4-600-144-96 in great working condition

Capacity: 600 Ton  with Stroke: 30"
Shut Height on Bed: 62.5" (SDAU)
Slide Adjustment: 10"
Bed Area: 144" L-R x 96" F-B
Slide Area: 144" L-R x 96" F-B
Speed: 20 SPM w/Windows: 36" Wide
Floor to Top of Bed: 30"
Equipped With: Flush Floor Design
Air Clutch & Brake with T-Slotted Slide & Bolster
Approximate Weight: 315,000 Lbs
Approximate Dimensions: 320" L-R x 146" F-B (Top of Press) x 227" Above Floor
236" L-R x 96" F-B (At Base of Press)

Call Ted Gillespie at below phone numbers to get press pricing

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